And So the Day Begins
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date June 1, 2004
Written by Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Ian Toynton
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And So the Day Begins is the second episode of season 1.


Bradin learns to adapt to the change by taking up surfing. Nikki stays up in her room and tries to take over the mother figure roll, and is hesitant to accept Ava and the others as her new guardians, and her parents death. Derrick tries to figure out how to give his mother a birthday present in heaven, and gets the wrong idea when he's convinced by a new friend to try an ancient Mayan ritual. Meanwhile,with all of the stress being added on by the 3 new additions, Johnny, Jay, and Susannah feel they are being too much and should consider moving out, leaving Ava to be the main parental figure on her own.